El Otoño on display at Kochi - Muziris Biennale 2022


El Otoño, an exhibition exploring personal archives and the Chilean exile experience will be on display as of the Kochi- Muziris Biennale 2022-2023
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El Otoño on display at BayArt Cardiff (1 Oct- 22 OCT)


El Otoño, an exhibition exploring personal archives and the Chilean exile experience will be on display as part of Diffusion photo biennale 2-22 Oct. This is part of a group exhibition Imagining the Nation State with other artists based in Wales and India with Ffotogallery, Wales and Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation, India and supported by British Council and Arts Council Wales. For details see the Diffusion Website.

Imagining the Nation State Grant Award


I am delighted to share the news that I am one of five lens-based artists from or working in India and Wales to be awarded the Imaging the Nation State Grant organised by the Chennai Photo Biennale and Diffusion Festival. This award is generously supported by Arts Council Wales, the British Council, and Wales Arts International. I look forward to begin work on producing new material and exploring the archive and researching this project and I thank the jury and all supporting organisations for this opportunity. I am also delighted to be amongst such talented India and Wales based artists. ...more

Sebastian is working on project El otoño


Nostalgia is an imaginative longing for a home one never had, or that never existed (Boym, 2001). We strive to belong, to a place, to an “imagined community” (Anderson, 1983). In liminal spaces, where one has been dislodged from their ‘home’, what does it mean to belong? Do we imagine a place within ‘a nation-state’ or one in perpetual transition? These are questions that exiles carry with them and are fissures passed on to their children. My project “El Otoño” (“the Autumn,”) named after García Márquez novel The Autumn of the Patriarch, addresses these questions and contributes to discussions on identity following displacement. ...more

New NaNo3 Gallery available


A selection of photographs exploring the effects of silver nitrate mining in the north of Chile. This was a collaborative project done with Luis Bustamante ...more



I am updating a few of the galleries. Keep an eye out to see new material on the site and I am working towards a blog of some musings on photography. ...more

Laiciga book launched


The latest photo-book by Sebastian Bustamante was launched today. A preview of the book is available on Vimeo.

Laiciga Book Preview by Sebastian Bustamante from Sebastian on Vimeo.


New Gallery available


A new gallery of images is now available on ...more

Galicia 2012/13


Sebastian is currently living in Galicia. He is working on an extensive survey of this area of Spain. ...more

CASA Theatre Festival 2012 exhibition


For a chance to see some work by Sebastian Bustamante and Luis Bustamante head down to the Oval House Theatre (52-54 KENNINGTON OVAL LONDON SE11 5SW). The work will remain on display till the 16th Sept and is located in the cafe foyer of the building. ...more

Website goes live


This site showcases a selection of recent works by Sebastian Bustamante. ...more